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About Sark

La Societe Serquaise


    Our excellent resource of historical matter, photographs, archaeology and records of Sark., the Societe Sercquaise is situated next door to the Visitor Centre at the end of The Avenue. Recently renovated, the Cider Press Barn situated opposite will house archaeological finds. …

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A fishy Tale…

Peter with some of the young seahorses

Peter Guille had a strange surprise when he was out fishing this week off the Blanchard Reef when he noticed a live seahorse in the mouth of a pollack he caught. He removed the seahorse and put it back in …

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Visiting Sark – Planning Your Trip And Things to Do

Wild Flower Walk - east route

The compact, rugged beauty of Sark has been gaining more attention over recent years, thanks in part to the ‘dark skies’ status the island now enjoys, meaning it’s one of the best places in the world to view the night sky …

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Butterfly Heaven

Holly Blue Butterfly on Sark

It’s been a good year so far for butterflies and the most common ones on the wing at the moment are the Holly Blues. These small butterflies love Heather and with both Bell and Ling Heather in flower at the …

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Dolphins Delight

Play time!

  A group of bottlenose dolphins has been delighting both visitors and locals here in Sark for the last month. They have mostly been seen around the east coast and have sometimes escorted the island’s ferries from the Bec du …

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Sark School Celebrates a Great Year

Class One performing their Mr Men song

The academic year was brought to an end in great style recently when Sark School held their Celebration Evening, a presentation for friends, parents and families of their recent achievements. Highlights of the last twelve months include the first birthday …

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About Sark by Susie Crowther


A Bright Future for Dark Skies on Sark With only 600 people, Sark occupies a lonely yet intriguing corner of the Channel Islands in north-western Europe. This small chunk of rock has managed to climb onto the world stage due …

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A voir et à faire à Sercq


Promenades en calèche. Des calèches se trouvent au carrefour de la Collinette au haut de la montée du port, les départs et les retours ont lieu à l’aire de stationnement qui s’y trouve. Demandez le prix et la durée de …

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Exciting Marine Life Sightings

Basking shark

Passengers on George Guille’s round the island boat trips have been enjoying some amazing and unusual wildlife encounters this month. Last week George spotted a sunfish and was able to get the boat right alongside giving everyone on board a …

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Ringers Return

A Greater Black-backed Gull with its chick

Ornithologists Paul and Catherine Veron were in Sark recently for the first of their two annual visits to assess the island’s seabird population. The visit was timed to ring the chicks of Herring and Greater Black-backed Gulls and the couple …

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