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A fishy Tale…

Peter with some of the young seahorses

Peter Guille had a strange surprise when he was out fishing this week off the Blanchard Reef when he noticed a live seahorse in the mouth of a pollack he caught. He removed the seahorse and put it back in …

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Butterfly Heaven

Holly Blue Butterfly on Sark

It’s been a good year so far for butterflies and the most common ones on the wing at the moment are the Holly Blues. These small butterflies love Heather and with both Bell and Ling Heather in flower at the …

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Dolphins Delight

Play time!

  A group of bottlenose dolphins has been delighting both visitors and locals here in Sark for the last month. They have mostly been seen around the east coast and have sometimes escorted the island’s ferries from the Bec du …

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Ringers Return

A Greater Black-backed Gull with its chick

Ornithologists Paul and Catherine Veron were in Sark recently for the first of their two annual visits to assess the island’s seabird population. The visit was timed to ring the chicks of Herring and Greater Black-backed Gulls and the couple …

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Art and Archaeology

Neolithic flint axe heads

This week sees the return of the archaeology team from Oxford University led by Sir Barry Cunliffe as they continue their investigations into Sark’s fascinating ancient history. This is the tenth season that the team have been here and to …

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Rare Find


Divers exploring the rocky reefs around Sark this month came across a very rare sea slug. The animal, just two inches long, was found at L’Etac, the islet off the south coast of Little Sark best known for its puffins. …

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Camping Out


Some of Sark’s children enjoyed a night camping out at the beginning of August. The event was organised by the Sark Watch wildlife group and was based at the Forest School site within the grounds of the Seigneurie. Once the …

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Swallowtail butterfly


A sighting was made this morning of a swallowtail butterfly, in a garden on the South East of Sark. This beautiful large species of butterfly has an average individual wingspan of 35mm. Often restless and found beating its wings while feeding in grassland …

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Seabird Season

Puffin with sand eels for its chick

If you’d like to see Sark’s most charismatic seabirds, the puffins, you need to get your skates on as the breeding season will soon be over. The puffins, along with their relatives the guillemots and razorbills, only come ashore for …

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Exotic Feathered Visitor

Hoopoe feeding in the grass

Spring and autumn are always good times to be in Sark for anyone interested in birds as dozens of species stop by on migration. There are plenty of wheatears around at the moment and twice in the last couple of …

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