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Wild Flower of the Day

Bluebell (Hyacinthoides non -scripta)

Monday 30th April Bluebell Azure blue flowers carpeting Dixcart Wood, Harbour hill and many other places on Sark. Drooping bell shaped flowers loosely grouped near top of stem, with creamy anthers. Leaves are long and narrow, from the base. Some …

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Wild Flower of the Day

Greater Celandine (Chelidonium majus)

Sunday 29th April Greater Celandine From the Poppy family, not to be confused with Lesser Celandine (Buttercup family.) Grows up to 90 cm. The flowers have 4 yellow non-overlapping petals. Leaves are hairless, toothed and very divided. This species has …

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Wild Flower of the Day

Red Campion (Silene dioica)

Saturday 28th April Red Campion Very common in Sark from March to November. Found in woods, on hedgerows and on roadsides. Grows up to 1 m tall. The flowers are various shades of pink to red with 5 notched petals. …

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Coming Soon

Art for the Love of Sark book

Sark’s Wildflower Fortnight is almost upon us. It runs from 28th April to 12th May with a series of guided walks organised by the Sark Visitor Centre. (Click here for full details) The book ‘Art for the Love of Sark’, …

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Gouliot Girls

Paula, Fiona, Sara, Abby & Judith in the Gouliot Caves

The low spring tides over Easter attracted a group of marine biologists to the island to study the Gouliot Caves, part of Sark’s first Ramsar designated Wetland of International Importance. The all-girl team included scientists from Swansea University, the Marine …

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Good Friday

Boats launched & retrieved

Friday 6th April saw dozens of islanders and visitors gather at the duck pond at Petit Beauregard for the traditional Good Friday outing to sail model boats. All manner of vessels took to the water from old-fashioned sailing yachts and …

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Maundy Thursday

Anna on cello, Tim on viola

The Maundy Thursday Service of Communion at St Peter’s Church was accompanied by two visiting musicians, Tim English on viola and Anna Chambers on cello. The couple were married in Sark fifteen years ago and Tim was also celebrating his …

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What on Earth is Yackanooing?

Kai reaches for an egg

Easter celebrations began early in Sark when PJ and Dave Cocksedge held the island’s first Yackanooing event. The aim of the competition was to slide off the back of a raised trailer bed and down a course well lubricated with …

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A School Full of Stars

The Three Bears

The whole of Sark School took to the stage at the end of March when they performed a musical version of Jack and the Beanstalk. Szymon Patermann was great in the lead role as the young man sent to market …

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New Bees at La Seigneurie

The bees move into their new home

On the 26th March a swarm of honeybees travelled from Guernsey to Sark to set up home at the Seigneurie Gardens. The bees didn’t have to fly all the way but came in true Sark style on one of Sark …

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