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Seeing Stars in Sark

photograph by Sue Daly

To celebrate the start of the autumn star gazing season Sark Astronomy Society (SAstroS) are holding an Astrofest over the weekend of 15th and 16th of September with guest speaker Dr Marek Kukula, the Public Astronomer from the Royal Observatory …

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Sark Honours Carl


Carl Hester was in Sark for a few days this month for what he had planned to be a quiet holiday with fellow members of the Olympic equestrian team and other friends. The island had other ideas, with various events …

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More photos of Carl’s visit to Sark


Local young photographer Beth Boerenbeker took the following photographs of the Vin D’Honneur at the Island Hall on Saturday 18th August, and at the golden post-box on Sark, where Carl Hester met the children from Sark School on Monday 21st August. …

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St Peter’s Church Fare


On Saturday 11th August St Peter’s Church held their annual summer fare in the vicarage garden. The stalls included tombola, various raffles, coconut shie and all sorts of other traditional games. There were two stands selling mouth-watering homemade cakes as …

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Emergency Services On Show


Sark Ambulance Service is celebrating its 90th birthday this year and the Marine Ambulance Service, which provides the Flying Christine ambulance boat, has its 60th anniversary this year. To commemorate both events Sark’s emergency services held two open days this …

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In Praise of the Ocean


The annual Sea Service was held on Sunday 12th August in Creux harbour. The joint service brought readings, blessings and prayers from the reverend Gill Nicholls of St Peter’s Church, Brian Mercer and Karen Le Mouton of the Methodist Church …

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Cooling Hooves


With the hot summer weather we’ve been having here in Sark recently spare a thought for the island’s working horses. Pulling carriages around Sark’s lanes is hot work so some of the drivers bring their steads down to Creux harbour …

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Horse, Dog and Pet Show


Sunday August 19th brought the 61st Sark Horse, Dog and Pet Show that was opened this year by Olympic dressage gold medallist Carl Hester. Events began with the dog show with classes for obedience, agility and dogs in the best …

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Coming Soon


The Grand Autumn Show will be from 29th to 30th August showcasing Sark’s finest flowers, home grown produce, baking, preserving and pickling. The Celebration of the Sea will be held on 8th September, a day of live music and the …

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Swallowtail butterfly


A sighting was made this morning of a swallowtail butterfly, in a garden on the South East of Sark. This beautiful large species of butterfly has an average individual wingspan of 35mm. Often restless and found beating its wings while feeding in grassland …

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