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Liberation Day Commemorations

A group of Chelsea Pensioners visited Sark on 10th May to help the island commemorate Liberation Day. Dressed in their splendid red tunics and bearing their medals, the Pensioners arrived at St Peter’s church by horse and carriage. They then formed a procession behind Jersey piper Bill Jenkins who led the way to the grave of Nanette Hamon where he played a lament. Nanette was killed on 2nd October 1944 by a German landmine. She was just four years old. Before moving into the church the pensioners filled their hats with sweets and shared them out among the children of Sark who also watched the ceremony.

Nanette’s grave

The piper laments

Inside Seneschal Reg Guille presented church wardens Peter Carré and Wendy Adams with a cheque for £6,000 that has been raised through several charitable events and by donations to cover the cost of restoring the First World War Memorial window. This is the last of the church’s main stained-glass windows to be restored, work that has been done by glass expert Peter Vivian in Guernsey. Col Mark Baker, Commanding Officer of the Chelsea Pensioners, was presented with a framed photograph of the window to mark the occasion.

The Pensioners give out sweets

Sark veteran Fred Teers joins the Pensioners

Peter Carré & Wendy Adams accept the cheque

Dave Cocksedge presents the photograph

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