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Northeast Route

Starts at The Harbours

Ends at The Avenue

Highlights are The Lighthouse, Coastal Views & Quaint Lanes.

The Route  Great for having just arrived off the boat!

Begin at the bottom of Harbour Hill and take the first right hand cliff path heading north. Where the path rejoins the main road (near Chill Inn Homestay), take a right and follow the lanes towards Point Robert Lighthouse.


Enjoy a rest stop and take in the views at the lookout point above the Lighthouse, then cut across La Valette campsite fields, heading towards Greve de la Ville bay. For another rest stop and a beautiful view over the bay and moored boats below, wander half way down Greve de la Ville path as far as the first picnic bench.


Head back towards the Avenue by taking a right at the top of Greve de La Ville path and a left when the lane meets the main road of Rue Lucas, ending up at La Collinette crossroads at the start of the Avenue.


3 km


Approx. Time

1 hr

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