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Getting Around

Sark is free from cars and vehicles, except tractors, therefore your mode of transport is a choice between walking, cycling or a horse and carriage sight-seeing trip. Perhaps a mixture of the three is the best way to see everything the island has to offer.

When you disembark in Sark, you will see an archway leading to a tunnel. Once through the tunnel, you approach harbour hill, with an adjacent footpath offering a picturesque ascent to the village. Or there is the more popular option of waiting for the “toast rack” tractor, in which for a small charge you will be transported in true Sark style to the village. Your luggage travels separately from you and this is taken care of by the team of local carters, which is why it is important to have all luggage correctly labelled with name and accommodation details.

From the village many accommodation venues are within walking distance, however The Avenue (the main street in the village) does have facilities for you to hire a bicycle and for many visitors this is the preferred mode of transport for Sark. If all of these are sounding a little too much in physical exertion then the horses & carriages await! These can be pre-booked for large parties or specifically tailored tours.

Book your bicycle or carriage before your trip:

Avenue Cycle Hire 01481 832102 avenue.cycle.hire@cwgsy.net www.avenuecyclessark.co.uk
a to b Cycle Hire 01481 832844 bookings@atobcycles.com  www.atobcycles.com
Sark Carriage & Cycle Hire 07781 454375 (Bicycles) 07781 405470 (Carriages)    


Carriage Rides on Sark

A carriage ride is perhaps the best introduction to the island. The high vantage point gives views over the hedges, and the quietness of this mode of travel is characterised by creaking of the harness, the jingle of the rings on the horse’s bit and the rhythmic thud of the hooves on untarmaced roads.

All the carriage drivers have to take a test to obtain their Carriage Drivers Licence.  This involves driving skills and horsemanship, and a knowledge of the history of Sark: They not only drive you around but also act as guides.

 There are two main types of vehicles used on Sark – a carriage which can seat six people (four in the back and two in front beside the driver) and a van which seats ten people (eight in the back and two up front).

The two tours which most people experience are either a one hour tour, taking in the north of Sark, or a two hour tour which covers the north of the island then goes to the Coupee in the south. All tours start and finish from the Collenette (the crossroads at the top of the Harbour Hill, just before the Avenue).

Some carriages will be pre-booked for tour operators, but there will also be carriages that are freelance (not pre-booked). There is no taxi rank order.  If you are not with a tour just go up to any driver.  They will tell you if they are available or not. Prices can vary depending on length of tour, stops etc. so ask the driver what the charge will be per person.  Most drivers offer reductions for children.

 There are several carriage operators on Sark:

De CARTERET, Rossford      01481 832276      Stables 832262       mobile : 07781 405471

BRACEWELL Fred, The Mermaid Tavern                                                 mobile : 07781 462749

PERREE, Michelle                    01481 832027      Stables 832827      mobile 07781 400447

PERREE, Philip                          01481 832342                                             mobile 07781 106058

STOCKS Hotel                           01481 832001

WAKLEY, Danny                       01481 832135                                             mobile: 07781 113386

 Please click on the document Information for travellers with restricted mobility  for further information or contact the Sark Visitor Centre by e-mail www.sark.co.uk or by telephone 01481 832345.