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FAQs about Sark

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  • Is there a hospital on Sark?
    No. Sark has a Doctor and Medical Centre for minor surgery services only. In cases of emergency patients are transfered to the nearest hospital in Guernsey.
  • Is Sark part of the NHS?
    No, Sark is not part of the NHS. However, as of January 2023 the Bailiwick has a Reciprocal Health Arrangement with the UK, allowing necessary healthcare to be provided to UK residents visiting the Bailiwick and vice versa.
  • I have restricted mobility, can I still visit Sark?
    There are several aspects of travel to and around Sark that visitors with restricted mobility must take into consideration. - Getting on and off the ferry; The Harbour in Sark does not have a ramp, only stairs. If a visitor requires assistance to get on or off the ferry, climb the stairs or walk the short distance from the stairs to the Tractor Bus, this assistance must be pre-arranged through the Visitor Centre at least one week prior to arrival and will incur a charge. - Mobility Scooters; A limited number of mobility scooters are available to pre-book for visitors with a certified medical condition requiring the use of a scooter. There are only 3 scooters available and the application takes time to process so advanced booking is essential. Please contact the Visitor Centre for more information. - Road Surfacing; Sark has no paved roads and visitors must consider this before travel.
  • What happens if I have a medical emergency?
    In the case of a medical emergency 999 should be called. Depending on the nature of the emergency, the appropriate Sark Emergency Service will be dispatched. This may include Emergency First Responders, Ambulance, the Sark Doctor, Fire Brigade or Constables. If emergency travel to Guernsey is required, St. John's marine ambulance or the RNLI Lifeboat will be called.
  • Who do I contact with a police matter?
    In an emergency please call 999. For any non-emergency police matter please contact the Constable's Office. T: +44 (0) 1481 832 533 E: Information can also be found on the Sark Government website or the Sark Police Facebook page. W: FB:
  • Does Sark have an airport?
    No. Sark does not have an airport. The island can only be reached by boat.
  • Can I travel direct to Sark from outside the Channel Islands?
    No, unless you are travelling on a private vessel. To reach Sark you must travel via Guernsey or Jersey.
  • Are there Covid 19 travel restrictions in place for Sark?
    No. At the time of publishing this information there are no Covid 19 related travel restrictions in place. It is advisable to check the Guernsey States and Sark Gov websites before you travel for further information relating to Covid and travel.
  • Can I travel to Sark on a private boat?
    Yes. Private boats may drop-off and pick-up using any of the island's harbours or they may moor up using the visitor moorings located at Havre Gosselin and Greve de la Ville. Visitor moorings cost £15 per day, or part thereof, payable at the Visitor Centre. Please be aware that Sark does not have a marina.
  • How do I withdraw money on Sark?
    Sark has an HSBC Bank branch where you can withdraw money. There are no ATMs on Sark. The Sark Post Office offers NatWest banking services and Bureau de Change. Food Stop grocery store offer Cash Back for transactions over £5.
  • Can I pay by card for services on Sark?
    Yes. Most establishments take card payments, except for the Tractor Bus service up and down Harbour Hill and the Horse and Carriage tours, which only take cash. It is advisable to check that card payments are accepted before making a purchase.
  • Can I use Euros on Sark?
    No. Euros are not accepted on Sark. The Island currency is the British Pound (GBP). There is a Bureau de Change at the Sark Post Office.
  • Does Amazon deliver to Sark?
    Yes. Most Amazon orders are deliverable to Sark, although next day delivery does not apply.
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