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Sark Coastal

Our Island

Sark is stunningly beautiful, bursting with charm & one of the smallest autonomous territories in the world!

Discover what makes this British Isle one of a kind.

La Coupee Sark


Situated off the North coast of France, Sark is the third smallest of the Channel Islands; an archipelago of British islands with a distinctly French feel and beauty aplenty.


Sark particularly has a very unique character and personality, setting it apart from the other islands and the rest of the world.


With no cars, paved roads or street lights you can drop down a gear and truly unwind. In place of traffic, you will see horse  drawn carriages, bicycles and the odd tractor passing by. Needless to say, the pace of life is very relaxed and peaceful.


Without the hustle and bustle of modern day life comes a wonderful sense of freedom. Sark is nothing short of a magical island straight out of a fairytale, ready to explore!


Walking trails cover almost the whole island, crossing headlands with panoramic sea views, winding through lush wooded valleys and zigzagging down to beautiful bays.


For those who seek more adventure, Sark has over 40 miles of untouched coastline, with many hidden creeks, rock pools & sea caves that can be explored through water activities.


In short, Sark is proud to be a quirky & unique destination!

Discover Sark

Sark Field Sunset

A small island with a big personality!

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