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Beach Guide

Creux Harbour
Creux is the ultimate natural swimming pool. With a small pebbly beach on one side and a quaint cobbled quay on the other, Sark's 'Old Harbour' is a wonderfully picturesque swimming spot.
The harbour wall makes for sheltered swimming on most days. From half tide the pool begins to fill up and the slip way offers access to the water.

Creux is also a popular fishing spot. Throw your line in over the wall and spend time watching the boats go by and spotting dolphins by Les Burons.


Derrible Bay

With a fairly steep decent and rocky scramble, Derrible is not the easiest of bays to reach but it is one of the most beautiful and well worth the effort.


At low tide the crystal clear waters meet with an expanse of gorgeous golden sand. One could easily mistake this bay for a tropical island!


Explore the beach caves and the large open creux. High tide also offers wonderful swimming right off the rocky platform at the bottom of the cliff steps.

Dixcart Bay

Dixcart is Sark's most popular bay, so you may find as many as 10 other people on the beach in the height of Summer! It is no wonder as the swimming is wonderful at any tide.


The walk down is easy and pleasant, through Dixcart woods. On the beach you will find a mix of pebbles, sand, rock pools and caves to explore.


Of all the bays, Dixcart has the best anchorage and is great for visiting boats looking to come ashore.


Rouge Terrier

Rouge Terrier consists of a landing rock and ladder into the sea, offering good fishing and deep water swimming from half to high tide. This East facing spot is best visited in the morning.


At low water the adjoining islet of Moie de La Brenière can be visited with a short scramble from the landing. Be sure to avoid entering any flowing currents between the islet and the landing.

Venus Pool

This enchanting deep water pool may be difficult to find but it is truly awe inspiring. In fact, the elusive nature of Venus Pool is indeed part of its charm.


The window of time to enjoy the pool is 2hrs either side of low tide and a scramble is required to do so.


Follow the series of discreet pebble cairns to guide you down the headland. The journey is an adventure in itself and plunging into the vividly coloured water upon arrival is simply irresistible!

Venus Pool.JPG

Port Gorey

After wandering down through the remnants of the old Silver Mines you arrive at Port Gorey and one cannot help but imagine what this lovely swimming spot might have looked like in the 19th century as a fully functioning port to the busy mine above.


Come at half to high tide for a splendid dip using the ladder or dive right into the dazzling turquoise creek.


A fun game is to spot the death defying Little Sark goats that teeter precariously on the headland!

Adonis Pool

Adonis is a large, deep rock pool situated at the bottom of the south west facing headland in Little Sark, accessible two hours either side of low tide.


The pool's beautifully coloured water is the reward for the steep decent down the cliff and the leap of faith over a ravine as the last hurdle!

Adonis is perhaps not for the faint hearted but a fantastic scramble for the intrepid explorer.

Sam dive - to print.JPG

Fontaine Creek

This bay has a small rocky beach and a long winding creek, lovely for swimming at high tide. Other creeks and pools will reveal themselves as the tide drops.


Climb up onto the rocks that shelter the beach to take in the view and choose your desired swimming spot.


Growing along the bank above Fontaine are wild Hops, previously used in local Sark ale! Rub them between your fingers to release the hoppy aroma.

Grande Gréve

Whatever the tide, whatever the weather, Sark's majestic 'great bay' will not disappoint. This beach is worth all of the 360 steps down from La Coupée.


Children will spend hours building dams in the sand and paddling in the rock pools. The water is often crystal clear and the swimming is glorious.


Enjoy spectacular sunsets from the beach or from the headland above as a reward for the hike back up!

EDSC08102- edited.JPG
EDSC05944 - photoshop.jpg

Havre Gosselin

This small Westward harbour offers easy access to the water with steps leading down from a small landing. If you're feeling adventurous swim across to Fregondee bay, not easily accessible by land.


In the late afternoon the sun goes off the harbour but the adjacent creeks are easily reached and are bathed in sunlight.


Enjoy fantastic swimming right off the rocks into the beautifully coloured deep water. Take a fishing line or a snorkel to discover the abundant sea life in and around the creeks.

Port à la Jument

This bay requires a bit of rock scrambling but the views and swimming are altogether superb.


On a high tide you will find a perfect sunbathing and swimming platform atop a very large boulder. Whilst a Spring low tide will reveal a secluded sandy bay around the corner, which you will undoubtedly have all to yourself!


The high, angled cliffs are very striking, as are the silhouettes they make against a setting sun.


Port du Moulin

There is plenty to see and do here, depending on the tide. From half to high tide the swimming is second to none. As you swim, spot the curious cairns atop the inaccessible bluff.


On a low tide you can scramble through the arch towards Saignie bay and explore the old shipwreck or venture through the south-side gap for a scramble round to Pegane bay.


Watch the sun melt into Guernsey on Summer eves.

L'Eperquerie Beach and Pool

L'Eperquerie landing, so called as it was the original landing spot for boats, is a small pebbly beach lovely for swimming at half to high tide.


In Summer you will often see the Sark ferry passing by and can enjoy the waves from its wake as they ripple towards the shore.


Adjacent to the beach is a semi man-made natural pool, which is wonderful for children at half to low tide for paddling, fishing or sailing toy boats!


Les Fontaines


Les Fontaines, around the corner from L'Epercquerie beach, is a magical spot with smooth rounded boulders, perfect for lounging on and sparkly green water that twinkles and shimmers.


Bring a snorkel and explore the north side arch and the small secluded cove to the east.

The path leading up from the bay is very pretty, with a perfectly situated bench to rest and enjoy the view.

Gréve de la Ville

For an early morning high tide swim you would be hard pressed to find a better spot. Northeast facing, this little gem of a bay, within close proximity to the village, is bathed in sunlight until around midday.

Visitor moorings can be found here and there are wide steps for easy dinghy access.


High water here is often clear, showcasing the lovely coloured pebbles below. In Spring, the path leading down to this bay is strewn with beautiful wild flowers as well as wild hops growing up the cliff side.

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