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Things to do

Boating for pleasure is a popular pastime for many locals and a favourite activity amongst visitors.

Sark from the sea takes on a whole new form and there are many caves and creeks to explore that are not accessible by land.

Boating also offers the best opportunity to spot marine animals such as dolphins, seals or puffins.



Book a kayaking excursion and weave your way around the island's 40 plus miles of unspoilt coastline, discovering hidden gems along the way.

Kayaking is also one of the best ways to get up close and personal with Sark's marine life, in particular the many sea birds that can be found here.


If a bit of adventure is what you crave, coasteering could be the activity for you. Experience Sark like never before by scrambling, swimming and jumping along the coastline.

Local guides will assist you as you explore cave systems and creeks not accessible by land and have fun jumping and bobbing in the surf.

Excursions can be as high energy as you make them and tailored to suit different ages and abilities.

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Swimming & Snorkelling

Swimming is a big part of island life here, including wild swimming, which involves year round dips! The water may be cold but islanders swear by its invigorating and revitalising qualities.

Swimming spots around the island are endless, from shallow sandy bays to deep water creeks. Browse our beach guide for more detailed information.

The abundance of sea life and variety of colourful seaweeds makes snorkelling a great activity too.


Fishing is another popular pastime for locals and visitors alike. In general, you can take your rod anywhere along the shoreline and try your luck!

Popular locations include Creux and Maseline harbours after ferry hours, L'Epercquerie and Havre Gosselin. Bespoke fishing trips can also be booked with some of the charter boats.



Crabs, Shrimp and Starfish are just some of the fantastic creatures that can be found in the hundreds of rock and teddy pools that appear at low tide.

Bring a net and bucket to while away the hours admiring the beautiful flora and fauna that are normally deep underwater.

An informative leaflet about rockpooling is available from the Visitor Centre.

Sark is truly a walkers paradise. The endless trails, cliff paths and lanes take you to all corners of the island and allow you to create circuits that suit your own ability. Panoramic sea views included!

From brisk morning walks with a flask of coffee to active hikes with picnic lunches, leisurely sunset strolls for bat-spotting at twilight and late night stargazing outings, walking on Sark is a 24/7 favourite activity!

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Cycling is synonymous with life on Sark. For locals it is their daily mode of transport and for visitors it is an opportunity to enjoy the freedom of cycling on car-free, pollution-free roads.

Whether it's for pure enjoyment, exercise or to see more of Sark in a shorter time, cycling is a must do activity for all ages visiting the island.


Sark's car-free roads and many scenic trails and paths makes running a very attractive activity.

The main roads and lanes around the island are mostly flat and great for an easy jog, whilst the trails and paths include inclines and varying terrains for a more challenging run.

For some companionship along the way, the Sark Running Club meets regularly and is open to all.

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Clay Pigeon Shooting

Whether you are looking to try out clay pigeon shooting for the first time or are a seasoned pro, shooting on Sark is a unique experience as not many ranges are located in such beautiful surroundings!


Clay pigeon shooting is an exciting activity to try on your own or as something a bit different for groups and corporate days.


With its peaceful atmosphere, relaxed pace of life and unspoilt natural landscape, Sark lends itself to the practices of Yoga and other well-being activities.

There are regular yoga classes throughout the year, both indoors and outdoors when the weather is fine, as well as workshops and retreats upon occasion.


Bird Watching

Bird watching, along with butterfly and bat-spotting, can be enjoyed almost anywhere on the island whilst exploring or partaking in other activities.

Many different species can be spotted at different times of the year, making this a year-round activity.

Rare or interesting bird sightings are often logged on the dedicated Facebook page Sark Bird Sightings.

Star Gazing

Star gazing on Sark is a very unique and special activity. Many people who live among street lights will have never seen the Milky Way or have experienced the wonder of true darkness with millions upon millions of stars overhead.


You do not need a telescope to see the constellations, the planets or the craters on the moon. Just let your eyes adjust to the darkness or use regular binoculars.


Make it extra special and visit the Sark Observatory.


Guided Donkey Walks

Meet Ruby and Florence, Sark's resident donkeys and enjoy a guided walk with these two lovely and charming four-legged ladies.

Walks can be short or long and can include a picnic lunch stop upon request. This activity is great for families or anyone who loves animals.

Follow the Militia Trail

Sark’s militia began in 1565 when Queen Elizabeth I granted Helier De Carteret the fief of Sark, upon condition that he swore loyalty to the English Crown and protected the island against foreign invaders. Helier set up the Quarantaine of his forty sub-tenants; who had to maintain a musket to defend the island.

Using an informative leaflet from the Visitor Centre, follow the Militia Trail and discover the remnants of Sark's defence fortifications dotted around the island.


Follow the QR Code Trail

The QR code trail is a series of small plaques at places of interest for historical information on the go!

Simply scan the QR code with your smartphone and read about the location whilst you explore it.

There are 20 QR codes in total, all clearly positioned and easily accessible.

Guided & Self-Guided Walks

Choose from a selection of self-guided walking routes that cover most of the island and cater to varying abilities. Check out the suggested routes here.

Upon occasion there are also guided walks taking place, including Wildflower walks in Spring and Occupation walks in the footsteps of commandos.

Visit our Events page to see what's on.



Geocaching is a treasure hunting game using GPS coordinates to hide and seek containers with other participants in the activity.

There are many geocaches hidden around Sark and the game can easily be played as you go around exploring the island. Learn how to play here.

This is a great activity for families as children can learn about reading coordinates whilst having fun!

Sark Rocks

Sark Rocks is a fun and free island-wide game of hide and seek with beautifully painted rocks.

As you explore the island, keep an eye out for these colourful creations and re-hide them in a different spot for the next person. See more here.

It is a great game to play with children on outings and anyone can add to the game with their own painted rocks too.


Gift Shopping

Sark has an abundance of skilled bakers, creators and all kinds of makers conjuring up a varied selection of locally made gifts and treats.

From home-made jams, chutneys, cakes and liquors, to knitted and hand-woven apparel, art, books, photography, jewellery and much more.

Most items can be found in the handful of shops in and around the Avenue. Or contact Creative Sark.

Savour Sark

Why not experience Sark through your taste buds by doing a crawl of the island's eateries and watering holes, savouring the many delicious eats on offer.

Most eateries use local produce wherever possible and this means a lot of fresh and seasonal fruit, veg, meat and seafood. It doesn't get fresher than zero food miles!

Visit our Food & Drink Facebook page for the latest offers and updates from Sark eateries.

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Arts & Crafts Workshops

Throughout the year visitors may partake in classes and workshops on a whole host of activities.

From chocolate making to hand-weaving, pottery and watercolour painting, the selection is varied.

For a comprehensive list of workshops and what's on at different times of the year, contact Creative Sark.


Fantastic sports facilities can be found at the Island Hall and Community Centre. There is an indoor sports hall, snooker table, table tennis room and a full sized sports field outside.

Visitors are welcome to use these facilities year round, some incur small charges to rent the space. Find out more here.

For information on sporting clubs, events and activities visit the Sark Sports Club website.



Fun for all ages, archery is a great activity for small to medium sized groups.

Whether it's for skilled practice, a competitive game or just some social fun, pretending to be Robin Hood for a day is easy in a place like Sark!

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