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Aerial Sark

A truly unique island destination.

Nestled between England & France, Sark is known as the jewel of the Channel Islands.

Car-free roads, quirky charm, stunning scenery & world renowned starry skies are just some of things that make Sark a one of a kind place to live and visit.

You have
to see it to believe it

The Isle of Sark boasts spectacular natural landscapes, complimented by charming historical architecture.

La Seigneurie Gardens

HOLIDAY Inspiration

Butterfly Spotting

Sark boasts no less than 39 different species of butterflies!

Wake up to Nature

Discover accommodation in idyllic natural settings!

Fresh Local Seafood

From sea to plate, enjoy zero food miles seafood!


Sark Island Life


Do you wonder what it would be like to live on this beautiful island? Meet the locals, learn about our way of life and discover what makes Sark such a unique and wonderful place to live and work.


Please browse our FAQs about Sark or email the Visitor Officers.

Sark Coastal
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