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Starts at L'Epercquerie Common

Ends at L'Epercquerie Common

Highlights are Manlet Tower, Buddhist Carving & Sea Views

The Route  Panoramic sea views the whole way!

Begin your walk at L’Epercquerie Common. Leave your bikes, if you have any, at the wooden fence and take the left hand path that leads around the west side of the headland.


Follow this path all the way out to the Mantlet Half Tower or slightly further to the Buddhist Rock Carving. Head back, taking the left hand fork in the path below the cannon. Walk along the old stone wall until you reach an opening with another cannon, bench and large tree. Have a rest stop here and take in the view of L'Epercquerie Beach and Pool below.


Follow the path leading up and around the large tree. Turn left at the top of this path and follow the trail back up the middle of the valley and back to your bikes.

*Warning: This walking route runs near to a cliff edge at some points.


2.5 km



Approx. Time

45 min

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