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Starts at Clos A Jaon crossroad

Ends at Clos A Jaon crossroad

Highlights are Window in the Rock & Port du Moulin woods. 

The Route  Farms, Forest and Fabulous Views!

Begin your walk at Clos A Joan crossroad. Take the left road due west and after passing the sports field go through the gate on the right. Follow this path through the fields and take a left at the next fork. Follow the road out to the end, it will veer right and then left, taking you past greenhouses and a pig enclosure.


When the trail meets another path go into the field on your left for a rest stop with fabulous views out to sea and towards Guernsey. Exit the field and continue straight along the path, turning left before the cobbled road of La Moinerie Hotel. Follow this path over the fallen tree and down into Port du Moulin woods until you come to a clearing with a cross over to the other side of the stream. From here you can head left to reach Window in the Rock.

After taking in the picturesque view from Window in the Rock, return by taking the left hand path back up through the woods. At the very top of this trail turn right and follow the path to meet the main road. Turn right and head back to Clos A Joan.


3 km



Approx. Time

1 hr

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