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Starts at La Coupée

Ends at La Coupée

Highlights are La Coupée, Silver Mines and Coastal Views.

The Route  Big, beautiful views in Little Sark!

Begin your walk at La Coupée or push your bike across the isthmus to begin walking from La Sablonnerie Hotel instead**. Cross over La Coupée, taking in the stunning views on both sides, and follow the main road to La Sablonnerie Hotel.


Turn left at the hotel and follow the road to the Silver Mines gate. Follow the path to the left, passing the tall chimney relics of the Silver Mines. Continue along this path, leading down to the headland. Follow the coastal path westward, looping back up through the Silver Mines ruins.


Take the left hand fork and follow this path along the coast, again heading westward. Cut back through the farm fields by going over the stiles and follow the road to the right to bring you back to La Sablonnerie. Follow the main road back the way you came to end at La Coupée.

*Warning: This walking route runs near to a cliff edge at some points.

** Please note: La Sablonnerie Hotel is currently closed.


5 km


Fair / Moderate

Approx. Time

1hr 45mins

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