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Starts at Visitor Centre

Ends at Visitor Centre

Highlights are Dixcart Valley, La Coupée & Historical Sites.

The Route  Where lush green foliage meets the sea!

Begin your walk at the Visitor Centre, heading down the meadow path opposite Le Manoir. Take the left hand trail just before Stocks Hotel and follow the path through the valley towards Dixcart Bay.


Just before reaching the bay, take the right hand trail leading up and around the cliff. Continue following this cliff path until you have a large house on your right. Veer left and left again to cut through the cow field and over the stile at the far end.


Follow this trail all the way along to reach La Coupée. Circle back along the main road, heading north, passing Caragh Chocolates on your left. Turn right at Vaurocque crossroad and follow the main road back past the Mill to the Visitor Centre.

*Warning: This walking route runs near to a cliff edge at some points.


4 km



Approx. Time

1 hour 30 mins

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