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Southwest Route

Starts at Visitor Centre

Ends at Visitor Centre

Highlights are Historical Sites, and Pilcher Monument.

The Route  A leisurely stroll with 'monumental' views!

Begin your walk at the Visitor Centre. Follow the main road westward, past the historical buildings of Le Manoir and the Mill. At Vaurocque crossroad go straight through and continue walking, passing Beauregard duck pond. After the pond, follow the road to the left and then to the right after the stone cottage.


Follow the road to Pilcher Monument for a rest stop at the picnic tables and to take in the magnificent views. Head back along the same road, this time following the path to the right of the stone cottage. Just past the cottage, turn right and follow the trail southward through fields with sea views.

Where the trail meets the main road cross over and go straight down Dixcart Lane, taking a left at Stocks Hotel and passing the Smugglers Bar. Head up through the meadows back to the Visitor Centre.


3 km



Approx. Time

1 hour

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