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Starts at Visitor Centre

Ends at Visitor Centre

Highlights are Historical sites and Gouliot Headland (RAMSAR).

The Route  Spectacular views & fascinating history!

Begin your walk at the Visitor Centre. Head west along the main road, passing the historical sites of Le Manoir and the Mill. Go straight through the Vaurocque crossroad, passing Beauregard duck pond, and take a right at the fork.


Follow the trail out to Gouliot Headland. Through the gate, veer left and head down to the end of the headland. Walk back up through the valley and follow the trail to the left. Enjoy a rest stop at the first bench or at the second bench further along.


At the second bench, head through the metal gate. Follow this trail through the field and another gate, passing the trail down to Port a La Jument bay. Continue along the path around and up to the main road, coming out opposite the cemetery of the Methodist Chapel. Walk along Rue des Sermons passing the Playground and Millennium Sports Field. Turn right at Clos A Jaon crossroad, passing the historical buildings of Chief Pleas and St. Peter’s Church, to end back at the Visitor Centre.

*Warning: This walking route runs near to a cliff edge at some points.


3.6 km



Approx. Time

1 hour 15 min

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