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La Seigneurie

The official Seigneural residence.

La Seigneurie

La Seigneurie house dates from 1675 and has been home to two of Sark’s three Seigneurial families: the Le Pelleys (from 1730) and the Collings (from 1852), the latter being ancestors of the current Seigneur.

Over the centuries and under the whims of successive Seigneurs, La Seigneurie evolved into the house we see today. The result is a building of great character, with at least two ways to most rooms and no less than sixteen flights of stairs, excluding those to the tower!

Beside the residence there are two stone outbuildings, one of which is called the Chapel, and a dovecot erected by Dame Le Pelley in 1733 to house her pigeons. The Watchtower is Victorian, erected to allow for signalling between Sark and Guernsey.

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