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Buddhist Rock Carving

A blessing for Sark.

Chief Pleas Building

The original Boys School.

Creux Harbour

Opened in 1588 for easier access to Jersey.

Gouliot Headland

An official RAMSAR site.


The original landing harbour.

La Coupee

The most photographed place in the Channel Islands!

La Seigneurie

The official Seigneural residence.

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Le Manoir

The original residence of Sark's first Seigneur, Helier De Carteret.

Little Sark Dolmen

Sark and Spirituality - dating back millennia.

Methodist Chapel

The Chapel that ran a mile.

Operation Basalt

The commando raid on Sark that changed the course of history.

Operation Hardtack

The story of a commando raid on Sark during WWll.

Pilcher Monument

A warning to seafarers.

Sark Henge

Commemorating 450 years of Fiefdom.

Silver Mines

The enterprise that cost the Seigneurship.

St. Peter's Church

Built in 1820 to promote Anglicanism.

The Mill

The highest point on Sark.

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The Prison

The smallest working prison in the world.

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Visitor Centre

The original Girls School.

Window in the Rock

Framing the view of Les Autlets and Port du Moulin Arch.

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