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Pilcher Monument

A warning to seafarers.

Pilcher Monument

On a stormy October evening in 1868 Agnew Giffard, his brother Walter, Russell Renouf, Dr. Gatehouse and J.G. Pilcher all set off for Guernsey from Havre Gosselin. They were warned it was too dangerous but tragically they did not take heed.

The wreck of the gig was found seven miles from Dielette on the Normandy coast. Agnew's body came ashore in Havre Gosselin, Walter’s body was found in a small cave at the L'Eperquerie, Russell’s body was found in the Gouliot caves and two months later Pilcher’s body came ashore at Niton, Isle of Wight. The Doctor’s body was never found.

The granite monument above Havre Gosselin was erected by Pilcher’s widow with an inscription warning others of the mighty power of the sea.

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