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Archaeology on Sark

What lies beneath

Since 2004, Sark has been privileged to have Sir Barry Cunliff and his team of archaeologists from Oxford University visit the island every year to carry out digs in various locations of historical interest. These digs have unearthed some very fascinating treasures and sparked much intrigue surrounding Sark's ancient history.

In addition to bronze axes and Roman and Celtic coins, found by amateur metal detectorists, Barry's team discovered Gaulish coins, ornaments, stone tools, and pottery at the site now believed to be the location of the celebrated 'Sark Hoard', silver and coins from the 1st century BC, said to have been found in 1719.

Following these amazing Bronze age discoveries, the archaeological team turned their attention to the Stone Age megaliths in Little Sark and other locations. Magnetometry revealed footprints of lost burial stones and Stone age terraces. The presence of earthenware, beads of green Sark serpentine and a stone axe made of dark dolerite, suggests that these sacred sites were occupied for many centuries.

To view these amazing artefacts and more visit the Heritage Room.

Sir Barry Sark dig
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