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St. Peter's Church

Built in 1820 to promote Anglicanism.

St. Peter's Church

During the Napoleonic Wars, popular hostility and the rise of Methodism had undermined the authority of the Seigneur and his Ministers. A Sark Parish Church was conceived as a means of re-establishing the authority of Anglicanism in Sark.

The Church was built in 1820 on what was once the site of a wooden tower housing the ‘Island Bell’, which now hangs at the Chief Pleas building. Funding came partly from the 40 Tenemant landowners who subscribed to the family pews, still in existence today.

Seigneur Reverend W. T. Collings had a keen interest in contemporary Gothic architecture and in 1877 he re-designed the east end with an ornate chancel and clock tower. The pulpit was installed in 1883 in memory of Reverend J.L.V. Cachemaille.

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