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The Mill

The highest point on Sark.

The Mill

Until the 20th century Sark’s economy was based on agriculture and a reliable mill was essential to sustain the original settlers. In 1571 Helier DeCarteret built this windmill, carving his coat of arms on the north lintel to signify the Seigneur’s right to a monopoly over the milling of grain. This may be the earliest date on a vernacular building in the Channel Islands.

The Mill sits on Sark’s highest ground, at 110m above sea level where the wind blows freely. It has survived well, despite a fire in 1797 by locals protesting the Seigneur’s monopoly and decapitation by the German forces in 1940 to make a lookout platform.

Restoration began in 1951 and was led by the artist Arthur Bradbury. Further restoration in the late 90s was needed to save the mill from further dilapidation.

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